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Sanitary Heat ExchangerALB designs heat exchangers that comply with the requirements of 3-A standards and practices.  These heat exchangers are designed for heating or cooling milk products, foods or other comestibles.

Each 3-A compliant exchanger offers sanitary connections on the process side and food-grade gaskets or O-rings. Sanitary Heat Exchanger - vertical viewAll products contact surfaces are ground to a 150 grit as a standard, but finer finishes are available as an option.  Each surface is crevice-free in order to minimize corrosion or contamination and to improve clean ability.  Each exchanger is fully drainable to aid in maintaining a sanitary environment inside the tubes and water boxes.

Typical processes include:
  • Water and clean-in-place solutions heating or cooling
  • Milk and cream pasteurization
  • Sugar concentration
  • Juice, sauce, oil, soup, and syrup heating or cooling
  • Brewery processes
  • Chocolate, peanut butter, and other viscous products
  • Cheese and whey products
  • Blood, plasma, and meat products
  • Evaporation and condensation processes

Sanitary Heat Exchanger